Boat Ops Training

Prerequisites required:

  • Completed Swiftwater Rescue training

  • Completed California Department of Boating & Waterways (CDBW) Boating Safety Course

Members that are going to the Boating Ops Training, as well as any boat operators being certified to operate DART watercraft, are required to complete the CDBW course. Go to the CDBW website and request or download a copy of the 128 page safe boating course book. The ordered book comes with 2 Scantrons. A completed Scantron exam must be sent back to CDBW in the envelope provided. You will receive a certificate of completion in the mail. Please photocopy your Scantron prior to sending it to CDBW, as it takes up to 8 weeks to receive the certificate. DART will need verification that you have completed this course prior to taking the boating operation course. Contact John M. at with any further questions.

Swiftwater Rescue Training

Swiftwater Rescue Training – Completed

3-month coursework included:

  • May 16, 17, and 18

  • September 23, 24 and 25 (Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations)

  • October 14, 15 and 16 (River & Flood Waters Advanced Skills)

Contact the Chief of Operations for details.

Grog’s Animated Knots

Learn how to properly tie Rescue-related knots on Grog’s Animated Knots. A source link for rescue personnel and shore support who will encounter the need to safely secure equipment and personnel.

LGS Dive & Shore Operations Training

This will be an every 3rd year training from now on.  Last completed October 2018.

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Training

  • IS-700a FEMA Independent Study Program for the Introduction to NIMS.

  • (IS 700 is no longer available). You must complete IS 700a course materials and exam.

  • Click on this link above to access the course materials and to take the test.

  • Required now for all DART Members

DART Classroom Training

DART training is primarily conducted by Team Leaders (TL’s), whereas outside instructors are used for specialized classes. (LGS, CPR, 1st AID, EVOC, DAN O2). The Two-year training plan outlines the training that should occur each quarter. TL’s are asked to select and conduct classes for each quarter. The events page will list dates, topics, and other pertinent info for each scheduled training session. DART members qualified to teach a course may contact a TL to sponsor that class. All classes must be coordinated with the Training Coordinator. Each TL should have a copy of the OES training notification letter prior to the class. Always bring your signoff sheets to each training session.

1st Aid, CPR, and AED training

  • To be determined at a later date.

Two-Year Training Plan

  • Pending Updates by Board and Announcement to Members.

Pool Training

  • Scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of each month during the winter season (October - April)

  • Always bring your signoff sheets

  • See events calendar for details

  • Contact the Chief of Operations