Donations in Memoriam

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John Hooten Jr.


Lake Natoma

March 6, 2018

After a two-day search, DART personnel, along with the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, CA State Parks Rangers, and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Marine Unit, recovered Mr. John Hooten Jr. from the waters of Lake Natoma. The previous morning he had fallen out of his boat while rowing along the lake.

DART is immensely appreciative of the donations in memory of Mr. Hooten. To date, donors across the United States have collectivly given over $2550. Your donations allow DART to continue serving our community. Thank you.


Thank you to each of the growing list of donors.

Dawn Engel

Catherine Zagunis

Neil and Barbara Ostrander

Anne Dixon

Marco Palilla

Darcy Bloom

Bill and Janice Charley

Patricia Sullivan

Lily Douglas

Mitra Choudri

The Snow Family

Teresa Morley

Anonymous Donors

Susan D Farr

Anne Strobridge

Debra Mulder

Mikhail Haramati

Dan and Cami Segna

Celeste Doane

Jordan RoseFigura

Anna Worden

Rachel Jewell

Jeffrey Lorek

Robert Witzgall

Erika Mitchell

Olene and Ernie Chard